About Dog Modo

Dog Modo was created by Carly McMillan, a qualified and experienced dog trainer and puppy school instructor living on the Gold Coast. Carly's recommendations to puppy and dog owners are based on the latest science-backed training and behaviour modification methods. Carly also understands the pressures of today's lifestyle, balancing competing demands, and factors this into her training methods to help build positive and rewarding relationships between your dog and its family. Carly holds the following -​

// Certificate of Completion The Puppy Lab, The School of Canine Science

// Certification of Dog Training and Behaviour, Austin Dog Training

// Certified Puppy Class Instructor, Austin Dog Training

// Puppy School Instructor, Hanrob Dog Playgrounds

Carly is a proud mum to Ronnie the Standard Poodle, 3 teenagers and 2 cats. Carly provides at-home adolescent dog behaviour consults, puppy settling, and integration visits servicing the Gold Coast area. 


Maxine and Dizzee

"We have a scent motivated, talkative and adventurous beagle who has been training with Carly for just over 6 months. Carly approaches training in a different way to other trainers, she is keen to understand the dog behaviour in and outside of the house, as well as how we engage with her in the family. Carly helped us to understand the motivations of the breed and what techniques work best in training. Based on her excitable behaviour Carly designed scent training exercises, lunge control techniques and road safety behaviour. She loves Carly and we have noticed a big change in the last 6 months." 

Chantelle and Bouncer

"I can not recommend Dog Modo enough ! Dog Modo and the lovely Carly have settled down our gorgeous rescue dog bouncer and taught us how to train him. Thank you so much Carly and Dog Modo." 

Katie and Luna

"Carly has worked with our reactive dog to train her to be calmer and more responsive to commands in times of heightened alert. She thoroughly enjoyed her sessions which involved a series of reinforcing simple commands, scent training and mental stimulation."